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This publishing house was originally slated to publish ‘The Double Helix' by James Watson, but they dropped it it because of protestations from Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. Name the publishing house that lost what 'might have been the most lucrative book ever in their catalogue'?

Originally published in 1979, what is the title of the book by Horace Freeland Judson that traces the evolution of molecular biology starting from the revelation of the double helix? The five-word title is an 'extension' of the time taken by God to set up the universe and life, as per the Bible.

'Natural Obsessions' a 1988 book by Natalie Angier is the third book in Venki Ramakrishnan's list. It chronicles a year she spent in the labs of cellular biologists Robert Weinberg and Michael Wigler. What disease is the focus of the book?

From a review on frontiers.org: 'In “The Epigenetics ----------” (2012), Nessa Carey eloquently bridges the spheres of academia and scientific journalism. The phrasing “----------” is a dramatic use of English that effectively portrays a momentous shift in biological thinking.' Fill in both blanks with the same 10-letter word.

The fifth book on Venki Ramakrishnan's list is surprisingly a dystopian novel of 1932, in which humans are engineered to perform different tasks. I. Which novel whose title comes from ‘The tempest’ by Shakespeare? II. Also name the recreational drug in the novel, that is named after the Indian version of 'ambrosia'.

Released on March 19, 2024, what is the three word title of Venki Ramakrishnan's book from Harper Collins? One of the advance reviews calls it 'joyfully alive' in contrast to its title.

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