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Two alcoholic beverages from India have the GI tag. One is cashew feni from Goa. The other is Judima rice (I) from (II) . I is a beverage name; it is an English word. II is the Indian State. Find I and II.

It could be called a 'Chinjabi dish', some Bangaloreans call it the national vegetarian appetizer of the city. Citing unhygienic conditions, using of unsafe ingredients etc, the sale of which dish has been banned in stalls and feasts in Goa?

India was the world's biggest exporter of shrimps till 2020, when the number two country overtook us. We hope that this year we will regain our number one status because of the narco gang wars in that country. The oceanic province of the current number one country is considered the 'origin' of an important theory in biology. Name the country.

When Wajid Ali Shah was exiled by the British to this city, his awadhi cooks added a (then expensive) new world vegetable to the biryani. The vegetable absorbed all the spices and flavours and tasted delicious. Since then the vegetable has been a staple in the biryani from this city. I. Which vegetable? II. Which city?

Milk chocolate was successfully made in 1875 by Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter in collaboration with his neighbour Henri ____ who had by then commercialised a milk condensation process. Fill in the blank with the name of a very large food and beverage company.

The case in the Delhi High Court about who invented butter chicken is grabbing international headlines. Name both the restaurants involved in the dispute.

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