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The Indian Society for Developmental Biology (InSDB) is looking for a Community Manager!

Added on: 10-July, 2023

What is InSDB?
Developmental biology is the study of how a single-celled seed or embryo gives rise to the complex shapes and forms of plants and animals around us. Many scientists in India work in this field and InSDB is the national society that represents this community.

What will the InSDB community manager do?
InSDB wants to initiate and support new activities for the community of scientists and students it represents and we’re looking for an enthusiastic and creative person to co-ordinate and execute these activities. Some of the responsibilities of the Community Manager will be to:

  • Maintain the InSDB website (
  • Maintain an active online presence by planning and sharing content on social media and other avenues.
  • Liaise with external audiences to disseminate knowledge and discuss the community’s work.
  • Manage and engage with members, encourage membership renewal and recruit new members.
  • Develop communication channels with members.
  • Promote and help organise local chapters of the national society through community activities such as meetings.
  • Help organise the biennial InSDB meeting.
  • The InSDB members will work closely with the Community Manager on each of these activities.

So, if you’ve recently completed your MSc and are looking for opportunities to engage with a wide spectrum of science and scientists do apply.

Remuneration: 45000/mth

To apply, send an email to with the following:

  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • Names of 2 referees

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