Shubha Tole

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India

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Shubha Tole obtained her BSc in Life Sciences and Biochemistry from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai (1987). Her MSc and PhD are from Caltech, USA. She worked at the University of Chicago as a post-doctoral fellow, and joined the Tata Institute in Mumbai, India as a faculty member in 1999. Tole believes that communicating science is as important as pursuing it, and actively engages in public outreach via workshops in schools and colleges, and writes blogs aimed at helping students and postdocs plan their careers. The STole lab welcomes free and open discussion. We value collegiality, professionalism, passion, and work-life balance. Lab meetings include not only science but also science communication, discussions of experimental techniques and sometimes, dance, theater, language, and music; research papers as well as interesting articles/books/tweets/blogs on any topic of interest. Humor is to be found aplenty in our daily lives and memorialized in our "lab quotes."

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