Rupasri Ain

Chief Scientist, Kolkata, India

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I graduated from Indian Institute of Science in Developmental Biology and then worked as a Research Associate at the Freie Universitaet, Berlin in Molecular Virology following which I worked with Prof. Michael J Soares at KUMC, USA. I was awarded Post-doctoral fellowship from American Heart Association and also from KUMC Biomedical Training program. I am now working as a Chief Scientist and Professor at CSIR-IICB. We work on a) regulatory non-coding RNAs, transcription factors and cell signaling pathways that regulate trophoblast stem cell self-renewal, differentiation and function. In addition, we are working on the molecular regulation of key developmental events that are indispensable for healthy pregnancy outcome, which include b) spiral artery remodeling, c) decidual cell maturation, and d) epithelial mesenchymal transition. We have recently started working on molecular regulation of cardiac hypertrophy and colorectal cancer biology as some molecules we worked on turned out to be essential regulators of a) cardiac hypertrophy and b) colorectal carcinogenesis.

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