Rashmi Priya

The Francis Crick Institute, London, United Kingdom

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Rashmi did her Masters from India, where she worked on the replication mechanism of malaria parasites at JNU (New Delhi), and then moved to ACTREC (Mumbai) to work on cancer metastasis. In 2011, she joined Alpha Yap’s lab at the University of Queensland, Australia, to study cell biology of epithelial cadherin junctions. In 2016, she joined Didier Stainier’s lab at Max Planck HLR, Germany as a post-doctoral fellow to study zebrafish heart development. She was awarded fellowships from EMBO, Humboldt foundation and a DFG grant to support her postdoctoral research. In 2021, Rashmi joined the Francis Crick institute as a group leader. Her lab combines developmental genetics, quantitative cell biology, biophysics and theoretical modelling tools to address how a functional beating heart is built robustly during embryonic development.

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