Prasanna Padmanaban

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Barcelona, Spain

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Prasanna is an EIPOD4 Postdoctoral Fellow in the Haase Lab of Dr. Kristina Haase, EMBL Barcelona. He also works in the Petridou Lab of Dr. Nicoletta Petridou, EMBL Heidelberg, and the Multiscale Porous Media Lab of Dr. Amir Raoof, Utrecht University. Prasanna develops novel 3D vascularised anastomosable tissues for disease modelling and tissue engineering applications. He enjoys working at the interfaces of biofluid mechanics, microfluidics, engineering design and multiphysics-based computational modeling for tissue vascularization. Apart from research, he appreciates and participates in public speaking and science communication events (like Fame Lab, and Science Cafe) to promote science to the general audience and be creative when it comes to cooking, drawing, and making crafts from recycled items. As an outgoing person, he always enjoys organizing social events and is very active on Twitter.

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