Minhaj Sirajuddin

inStem, Bangalore, India

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Minhaj Sirajuddin did his PhD at Max-Planck Institute Dortmund, Germany where he determined the crystal structure of the septin complex. At UCSF, San Francisco his postdoctoral work with Ron Vale provided biochemical evidence for the tubulin code hypothesis. He returned to India and joined inStem, Bangalore where he established a research program to study cytoskeleton and contractile systems at various organization scales. He is a recipient of the Human-Frontiers Science program postdoctoral Fellowship, DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellowship, Senior Fellowship, and EMBO Young Investigator Programme award. Minhaj has also created a popular science book and documentary films about forgotten Indian Scientists, found on his lab website. Email: minhaj@instem.res.in Website: cytoskeleton-lab.org

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