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I am a Mathematical Sciences postgraduate with a Minor in Physics aspiring to become a Neuroscientist, Developmental Biologist and Physicist. My love for Physics, Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Biological Sciences are equal and I want to contribute significantly to these fields during my Lifetime. One of the primary areas of my research interest lie in Developmental Neuroscience where I am interested in making efforts towards finding the developmental stage of Mammalian and avian brain during which Consciousness arises. I am also interested in questions like-"Is it possible to manufacture a conscious being in a lab by using non-living matter?" Since all living organisms are made up of non-living chemical elements, an answer to this question, will enhance our understanding of how the phenomenon of life emerges from non-living basic components. My Physics background has helped me in realizing that there can never be "True Immortality" for living organisms. This conclusion comes from the observation that all living organisms are Thermodynamic systems and a significant shift from their environmental temperature can change the states of the matter they are made up, thus destroying the living organism. Since, every chemical element has temperature dependent physical properties, it is very clear that a True immortal organism is impossible, at least on Earth. Additionally, I am also interested in exploring the various cognitive changes caused by the influence of psychedelics, anesthesia in mammalian and avian brains. I am also curious to know if it is possible to scientifically study the phenomenon of dreams, intelligence using these drugs. Another interesting and important observation to make is that monozygotic twins, even though their brains are formed from the same zygote, each individual can have different conscious interests and tastes in their Life. Phenomena like these are very puzzling to me and it always keeps me curious to learn more about the phenomenon of Consciousness scientifically/mathematically. My interest in Developmental Biology, naturally keeps me interested in allied fields like Stem Cell Biology, Regeneration, and genetics. Thus, I wish to employ a very interdisciplinary approach in studying these phenomena by using various techniques from genetics (like use CRISPR based genome engineering), fmri, EEG, Brain-computer Interfaces, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, photonics, optical and imaging techniques, use of chemical drugs, AI and ML etc.

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