Amit Kumar Srivastava

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India

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Identification and mechanistic exploration of structural and conformational dynamics of NF-kB inhibitors: rationale insights from in silico and in vitro studies

Insights into interplay of immunopathophysiological events and molecular mechanistic cascades in psoriasis and its associated comorbidities

Hydroxyproline: a potential biochemical marker and its role in the pathogenesis of different diseases

Drug functionalized microbial polysaccharide based nanofibers as transdermal substitute

Structure-based drug designing and identification of Woodfordia fruticosa inhibitors targeted against heat shock protein (HSP70-1) as suppressor for Imiquimod-induced psoriasis like skin inflammation in mice model

Antipsoriatic activity of ethanolic extract of Woodfordia fruticosa (L.) Kurz flowers in a novel in vivo screening model

Exploration of Antibiofilm and In Vivo Wound Healing Activity of p-Cymene-Loaded Gellan/PVA Nanofibers

Eucalyptol/β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex loaded gellan/PVA nanofibers as antifungal drug delivery system

Tandem MS-Based Metabolite Profiling of 19, 20-Epoxycytochalasin C Reveals the Importance of a Hydroxy Group at the C7 Position for Biological Activity

In-vivo sustained release of nanoencapsulated ferulic acid and its impact in induced diabetes

Malaria epidemiology in an area of stable transmission in tribal population of Jharkhand, India

Synergistic effects of Woodfordia fruticosa gold nanoparticles in preventing microbial adhesion and accelerating wound healing in Wistar albino rats in vivo

Accelerated in vivo wound healing evaluation of microbial glycolipid containing ointment as a transdermal substitute

Therapeutic potential, challenges and future perspective of cancer stem cells in translational oncology: a critical review

Ofloxacin loaded gellan/PVA nanofibers-Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of their gastroretentive/mucoadhesive drug delivery potential

Evaluation of potent phytomedicine for treatment of psoriasis using UV radiation induced psoriasis in rats

Synthetic and natural monoamine oxidase inhibitors as potential lead compounds for effective therapeutics

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