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The ancient measure of length, the cubit, which derives from the human body, is further divided into palms. One palm is the width of four fingers held together. How many palms make a cubit? We are talking common cubit, not the royal cubit

This dissolvable surgical suture is made by twisting together strands of purified collagen taken from the small intestine of healthy ruminants or from beef tendon. A brand registered by the German company B Braun Medical AG, what is this suture commonly called?

What is the state vegetable of the US State of New Jersey? In Nix v Hedden (1893) the US Supreme Court ruled that despite its botanical classification, it is a vegetable because it features in the main course and not in desserts.

We all know that in 1957 USSR sent Laika the dog into space (who sadly died there). Most of us don't know that in 1960 USSR sent Belka and Strelka who came back. But in 1946 what were the first living (model) organisms deliberately sent into space by USA?

In 1947 a moth found in a Harvard University computer by a staff member of Grace Hopper's team, gave rise to the term 'computer bug'. However, who in 1874 used the term 'bug trap' in a US patent application for a fault-free quadruplex telegraph system?

The —- ——– theorem (Watanabe, 1969) is an argument showing that classification is not really possible without some sort of bias. The theorem is named after Hans Christian Andersen's 1843 story "The —- ——-", where the titular character suffers because of misclassification. FITB.

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