This is part 1 of a larger quiz developed by Urmila Lakshmanan for InSDB. You can find the other parts here.

Welcome to part I of the InSDB quiz.

Enjoy quizzing!

Recently NCBS archives launched several collections, including sketches by the illustrious wildlife artist Carl D'Silva. Name the legendary Indian naturalist (1896- 1987), with whom D'Silva worked closely, illustrating many of his books?

Feb 10 was Chinese New Year’s day- we are in the Year of the dragon. Quite different from the dragons of English mythology, what energy source does the dragon represent in Chinese mythology?

I. In 1982, which Nobel Prize winner, fittingly inaugurated the building of the Institute of Agricultural Technologists in Bangalore? II. His long association with India was initiated by which recent Bharat Ratna awardee?

Every year the spice company McCormick predicts the 'flavour of the year'. 2023 was the year of Vietnamese and Cajun flavours. What is McCormick's 'flavour of 2024', that they say has ‘craveable tartness’? The english word comes from arabic and literally means date from a certain country.

Taylor Swift has two Scottish Fold cats, a breed that has a genetic mutation which impacts cartilage throughout the body. Which organs of the cats are folded due to this mutation, giving them a distinctive "owl-like" appearance?

At the canine competition at the All India Police Duty Meet held in Lucknow this month, for the first time ever an Indian breed of dog participated and created history by winning the competition. What is the breed of dog that takes its name from a Karnataka town, formerly a princely state?

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