The Asia Pacific Drosophila Neurobiology Conference 3 (APDNC3) will bring researchers across the globe to the Asia Pacific region to discuss the latest findings in Neurobiology, using Drosophila as a powerful model. Sessions will highlight cutting-edge technology, medical research, cell and developmental biology, behavior, and physiology. The meeting will be highly interactive, giving students and up-and-coming researchers opportunities to interact with already-established field leaders. Many additional talks selected from abstracts provide good presentation opportunities for young researchers and research groups from across the diverse cultures of the Asia Pacific region. There will also be a series of career development sessions.

APDNC3 will be in Tokyo, an excellent city to visit with a rich cultural history and vibrant present “Yokoso APDNC3!”

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09.00 AM

Tuesday, 27-Feb 2024

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